Pedo club Martijn to discuss future

30th November 2011, Comments 0 comments

Paedophiles association Martijn says it will discuss the organisation’s future at a members’ meeting scheduled to be held in December.

A spokesperson for the controversial club made the statement ahead of Tuesday’s parliamentary debate about the organisation, which most MPs believe provides paedophiles with information on how to abuse children.

In parliament, Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten said he would not use his discretionary powers to instruct the Public Prosecutors’ Office to prosecute Martijn under criminal law, as demanded by several MPs.

The minister said that current legislation does not allow for the prosecution of an organisation on the basis of criminal acts by individual members of its executive.

Mr Opstelten told MPs to have faith in the Public Prosecutors’ Office. He said it “will do anything to make a case if such a case exists.” Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutors’ Office has asked a civil court to launch an investigation of Martijn.

The organisation argues it merely strives for the legal and social acceptance of sexual relationships between adults and children. However, several former members of its executive have been convicted of various sex crimes, but none of these crimes could be directly linked to Martijn as an organisation.

The Martijn spokesperson said the club currently has 80 members, only a few of which are open about their membership. The organisation reportedly used to have about 650 members “Before the introduction of the internet and the witch hunt of the past few years.”'

Earlier this week Martijn announced it had censored its own web site. Magazine covers and scans of old magazines were removed. Martijn said the move was prompted by “continuous attacks” regarding the photographs of naked children featured on the site.


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