Peak-hour lanes perhaps open more often

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Transport Minister Peijs to study feasibility of increasing peak-hour lane use to ease motorists traffic frustrations.

25 October 2006
THE HAGUE - Motorists can possibly use the peak-hour lane more often of. Minister Karla Peijs (Transport) will examine if that is possible, which was made known Wednesday in a letter to the Second Chamber of Parliament.

At this moment peak-hour lanes can mostly only be used if there are more than 3000 cars per hour to drive by and then only by day. Some peak-hour lanes like on the A2, A27 and A28 in the region Utrecht are however already open more often by day and sometimes already earlier in the day because of the greater traffic upheaval.

Motorists concern themselves less and less with the peak-hour lane prohibitions.
So the police force has set up peak hours teams for this reason. Peijs now wants to examine if it is legally and financially feasible for parts of the roadway peak-hour lanes to also be open at night and if there are less vehicles driving through. This coming spring the minister will report to the chamber on the outcome concerning this research.

The first peak-hour lane in the Netherlands, on the A28 between Den Dolder and De Uithof by Utrecht, was opened in 1996. At the beginning of 2004 Peijs put a programme in place for broadening the roadways on important traffic-jam sticking points. But the construction of these peak-hour lanes, like those on the A2 between Eindhoven and Den Bosch, concerning a distance of 23 kilometers, incurred delay due to European requirements for air quality. At the end of 2007 almost half of the delay must have been worked through. New legislation, with which the Parliament went into agreement on Tuesday, must therefore offer solace.

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