Pay with plastic at Dirk

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Pay with plastic at Dirk

29 August 2007

AMSTERDAM – Customers will soon be able to pay by credit card at the supermarkets Dirk van den Broek, Digros and Bas van der Heijden, as well as at drugstore chain Dirx and liquor store Dirck III.
The supermarket chain claims it is the first in the Netherlands where credit card payments will be accepted. 

Many supermarkets opt not to accept credit card payments because of the extra costs involved. Paying by credit card at the Dirk van den Broek stores won't be free – it will cost 50 euro cents per transaction.

"We do not want to pass on the additional cost by incorporating it into product prices, because then everyone will have to pay and that isn't fair to those who pay using their PIN card," says director Dirk van den Broek.

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