Paedophile banned from Eindhoven

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This is the first time a Dutch city bans a paedophile from returning home after his jail term.

Eindhoven – A Dutch paedophile has been banned from returning home in Eindhoven after serving his prison sentence of 27 months.

The convicted paedophile who was found guilty of sexually assaulting two boys aged 10 and 13, after an earlier conviction for a similar offence two decades ago, was also sentenced to five years of probation. 

This is the first time a Dutch city bans a paedophile after his jail term. 

The ban was introduced as Eindhoven mayor Rob van Gijzel said it was irresponsible to allow the man back into the city, citing fears of unrest and revenge attacks in the neighbourhood where he lives. 

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has appealed against the city’s decision and maintained he has a right to return to the city.

"After my first conviction I was employed for twelve years by the Eindhoven council, working with teenagers. In the months preceding my second detention, I was cleaning playgrounds in the town of Grave,” the convicted paedophile told de Volkskrant

"All of a sudden, I have apparently become too dangerous to be allowed into Eindhoven. That is hypocritical and contradictory." 

The ban has yet to be enforced as the man is appealing against the ruling.

A local council spokesperson told reporters Tuesday that the ban is expected to stand up in court as the paedophile refused to co-operate towards a safe return. 

“We want to prevent him from causing new suffering to the victims, or relapsing into his old behaviour. We're not confident the man has mended his ways. We're anxious about social unrest, and about his personal safety."

However, Amsterdam law professor Jon Schilder told de Volkskrant that such 
a ban has no legal basis. 

"The only thing local authorities can do is order more police surveillance and try to reach agreement with the paedophile on a voluntary basis," he said.

In response, the city of Eindhoven is prepared to rent him an apartment if he withdraws his appeal, accepts the probation and subjects himself to electronic surveillance by wearing an ankle strap. 

The local authorities also require him to stay away from playgrounds, schools, swimming pools, child daycare centres and sports facilities.

The man refused to agree to the council's demands but said he was willing to accept supervision on a voluntary basis. 

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