Over 3000 Dutch soldiers apply for combat badge

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More than 3000 Dutch soldiers have applied for a combat action badge, because they say they have been in mortal danger during hostile gun battles. The Ministry of Defence will consider every case and will present the first badges in September.

A spokesperson for the ministry confirmed a report in that soldiers who since 2001 have taken part in an operation in which there was an “enemy attack with direct fire or comparable combat circumstances” will be considered for the insignia. The main criteria is that the soldier continued to function professionally, in spite of being in direct mortal danger.

General Peter van Uhm, the Dutch Chief of Defence, handed out army combat badges a year ago in the Afghan province of Uruzgan for the first time to troops who had engaged in gun battles or were attacked by roadside bombs.

The crew of a transport helicopter which made an emergency landing after being shot at from the ground in December 2009 also received the honour.


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