One third Dutch primary schools promotes segregation

23rd April 2009, Comments 2 comments

About 680 primary schools in the Netherlands are either made up of mainly immigrant or ethnically Dutch children, shows study.

THE NETHERLANDS – One third of primary schools in the Netherlands do not reflect the ethnic backgrounds of their local communities, shows a survey.

These schools tend to be made up of either mainly immigrant or Dutch-background pupils, while their local areas are much more diverse.

The survey, conducted by Knowledge Centre for Mixed Schools, is based on over 2,045 primary schools in nearly 40 municipal districts.

The Netherlands has about 7,000 schools throughout the country.

The centre, which promotes desegregation in education and is subsidised by the education ministry, believes schools should reflect the ethnic and social make-up of their areas.

It described the results of its research as shocking as children are not learning how to get along with people from different nationalities and religions.

The cities where education is most segregated are Lelystad, Leiden and Almelo.

The study reflects ongoing concerns about the degree of ethnic segregation in Dutch schools, as ethnically Dutch parents opt to send their children to schools where other children come from a similar background but are outside their neighbourhood.

This has resulted in pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds to dominate some schools, leading to the creation of black schools.

The centre presented its report to Deputy Education Minister Sharon Dijksma Wednesday.

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  • legadoo posted:

    on 24th April 2009, 20:03:52 - Reply

    In the past 20 years, Dutch "progressives" have already changed the ethnic makeup of their society more than in the previous 500.Muslims will soon be a majority in Rotterdam. But for some, this is still not enough.

    The rest of the Dutch who were never asked, now have to pay the price. So they want to send their kids to all-Dutch schools? How evil of them!

    The fact is, most muslims would rather send their own kids to all-Islamic schools, and many are already doing so.
  • Voodoo Doll posted:

    on 24th April 2009, 08:58:04 - Reply

    This sadly does not suprise me after hearing the Dutch refer to Zwarte schools, the Dutch are prejudice and teach it to the children.
    It is a joke to call The Netherlands progressive