One fifth of Dutch Internet enthusiasts unaware of online identity

8th April 2008, Comments 0 comments

The online research gathered a sample size of 1,870 Dutch consumers.

8 April 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - A research carried out revealed that one fifth of Dutch Internet enthusiasts are largely unaware of their online identity.

The online research, by Ruigrok | NetPanel, which was performed in co-operation with The Next Web Conference, gathered a sample size of 1,870 Dutch consumers in March 2008.

An online identity is created when Internet users share photos online, give ratings and reviews for products and services, place reactions on forums, respond to weblogs and share personal video material online.

Sharing photos online is the third most popular Internet activity amongst Dutch consumers.

The survey shows that the frequency at which the Dutch place personal information online is increasing steadily. However, 39 percent of the respondents feel that their online identity is either unimportant, while 29 percent simply do not care. More than half are aware of their online identity.

A small minority – 11 percent of Dutch consumers actively form and shape their online identity, despite the availability of options that allow them to do so and despite the wealth of personal information that they put online.

The research also says that more men than women are conscious of the fact that they are creating an online identity and are also more apt in consciously creating an online identity. 61 percent of the men consciously create an online identity as compared to 52 percent of the women.



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