One dead, three injured in Dutch bus accident: officials

14th August 2010, Comments 3 comments

A Eurolines bus from the Netherlands ran off a motorway in northern France Friday, leaving at least one person dead and three others seriously injured, rescue officials said.

The bus was carrying 37 passengers of a dozen nationalities including Dutch, British and Chilean, and had just entered France on the A2 motorway from Belgium. Fourteen passengers were slightly hurt.

"It appears the driver dozed off," a police official said.

The lives of the three seriously injured were in danger, local officials said.

Both French and Belgian firefighters responded to the accident. Three rescue helicopters were also dispatched to the scene.

Two of the seriously injured passengers trapped in the bus had to be removed through the windows, an AFP photographer reported.

The uninjured passengers were taken to the municipal hall in the French town of Crespin.

The accident disrupted Friday night traffic on the A2 but the autoroute was not completely closed off, police said.

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  • Elwyn posted:

    on 19th August 2010, 11:29:13 - Reply

    The drivers are hard-pressed, and often given impossible schedules. (All because we want cheap tickets, and Eurolines want to make a profit.) - I thank the drivers each time they get me safely to my destination.
  • G H Holländer posted:

    on 17th August 2010, 16:58:54 - Reply

    one day later, early on the morning of sunday 15 august, another EUROLINES bus travelling from london via brussels to berlin was stopped by police close to herford. the driver had two promille alcohol in his blood.
    i was travelling on this bus until shortly before, having demanded a stop and to get my luggage out, with two other passengers who were no longer willing to risk their lives. i then called in the police and advised the driver to stay; he broke off the pause and continued his journey for another three or four kilometres before police stopped him.

    EUROLINES, i thoroughly agree, is entirely responsible for this sort of situation. police should make it a habit to control every single bus for a certain period, to make mis-managers see reason.

    i'd like to reach out to the victims of the crespin incident. i escaped, they didn't.
  • Tim posted:

    on 15th August 2010, 16:01:15 - Reply

    I've travelled on Eurolines a lot and I can empathise with the passengers in this accident, I wish them a speedy recovery. This accident comes as no real surprise, the standard of behaviour from some of the drivers is dreadful. From little issues like smoking whilst driving to calling or texting on their mobile phones, obviously whilst driving, their behaviour is very worrying to say the least.

    Hopefully this will act as a clarion call to Eurolines to tighten up on their drivers and sub-contract drivers. However, I fear the bottom line of profits will win out over the safety and needs of the customers/passengers.