One Somali 'terror' suspect still in custody

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Only one of the 12 Somali men arrested on Friday on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack is still in custody. He may be held for another three days. Only three of the 12 men are still suspects in the case.

On Tuesday morning, there were only six Somali men still being held. Six had already been released and were no longer considered suspects.

No weapons or explosives The twelve men were arrested on Christmas Eve in Rotterdam on the basis of information passed on to the Public Prosecution Office by the Dutch intelligence agency, the AIVD. In its report the AIVD named four men who it believed were planning an attack in the Netherlands on 24 or 25 December. It is not known what the target would have been.

The arrests were made to prevent an attack taking place. Police raided homes and two telecom shops in Rotterdam. Investigators also searched two rooms at a motel in Gilze-Rijen near Rotterdam. No weapons or explosives were found. The investigation into the three remaining suspects is continuing.

Legal action The Dutch intelligence agency, the AIVD, had been investigating the possibility of a terrorist threat in the Netherlands by Somalis for some time. The investigation led the AIVD to believe an attack was planned over Christmas and passed their information on to the Public Prosecution. Police arrested 12 people because they did not have time to find out the exact identity of the suspects during the raids on homes and businesses.

Lawyer representing the released Somali men are considering filing a complaint against the AIVD and requesting compensation for their clients. Their lawyers say their swift release means the AIVD must have made mistakes. The owner of one of the telecom shops, a brother of one of the men, is also considering taking legal action against the authorities.






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