Obama praises Dutch healthcare during royal visit

14th September 2009, Comments 3 comments

Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima's short, informal visit to the White House Friday gave way to praise for the Dutch healthcare system.

New York – Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima ended a week of celebrating United States-Dutch relations with a visit to the White House Friday, reports Dutch news agency ANP.

The royal pair were in the United States last week to mark the 400 year anniversary of Henry Hudson's discovery of New York. Hudson was an English explorer sailing with the Dutch East India Company.

First Lady Michelle Obama met with the Dutch crown prince and princess to have tea and exchange gifts. President Barack Obama joined later for a conversation with the Dutch royal couple.

Healthcare was an important theme of the meeting, which lasted around half an hour.

President Obama uses the Dutch healthcare system as an example in several occasions, said Willem-Alexander in a report on nu.nl.

He finds it “a good system, and there are certain elements he would like to take on”.

Healthcare has been a contentious issue for the US President, as opposition to an overhaul of the current system became louder over the summer. Tens of thousands of protesters marched on the US capital against proposed his reforms Saturday.

Obama also thanked the royal representatives for Dutch cooperation in Afghanistan.

Willem-Alexander described the meeting, which was not an official state visit, as having a cordial, relaxed atmosphere, according to ANP.

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  • Verena posted:

    on 16th September 2009, 12:02:38 - Reply

    About all the things I like about the Netherlands, the general Dutch Health care system is not one of them. I find it unefficient and outdated. It is a pitty that there is so much misunderstanding about it and people abroad just think since its appears to be cheap it is good. However, due to the lack of incentives, service sucks, with a few exceptions, which I finally - after 6 years here - discovered.
  • EditorES posted:

    on 14th September 2009, 15:53:03 - Reply

    Daer Pinaki,

    Thanks for pointing out the error. It has now been changed.

  • Pinaki Ghatak posted:

    on 14th September 2009, 08:49:09 - Reply

    This is an interesting article to read. Coming recently from the U.S myself, and now living in Amsterdam past 3 years, I do know, that Henry Hudson was not Dutch. Please check this article for verification.