Obama descended from Leiden Pilgrim Fathers

6th December 2008, Comments 9 comments

Historical research shows that US President-elect Barack Obama is descended from the Pilgrim Fathers who left the Dutch town of Leiden in 1620 to found the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts.

LEIDEN - Leiden's culture alderman revealed that Mr Obama's ancestors were among those who arrived there from Britain in 1609 seeking religious freedom. 

The nonconformist Puritans lived and worked for eleven years in Amsterdam and Leiden before sailing to America, some of them on the Mayflower. 

Mr Obama is the seventh American president directly descended from Leiden's Pilgrim Fathers.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • tix posted:

    on 8th December 2008, 16:35:18 - Reply

    So, Obama's father in 1600, reading a newspaper, realized he could have a better religious life in the New World, so took a plane and went to Leiden to be able to go onboard nicely welcomed by the Pilgrim fathers in Rotterdam to sale for America; a piece of cake for a guy in Somalia in 1600 ... I believed Obama was a a bit younger ..
  • historytechdoc posted:

    on 8th December 2008, 15:39:50 - Reply

    The story of why these Puritans left South London to escape the persecution against them during the reign of James I and the reasons why some, but not all, decided to leave for North America and seek as they maintained a 'New Promised Land' are very interesting themselves. And, they parallel the motivation that may have influenced Barack's father in some ways to also leave Somalia for the same Promised Land.
  • tix posted:

    on 8th December 2008, 15:00:47 - Reply

    And how and when did his ancestors moved from Africa to Leiden? it's quite unrealistic, it seems more a tale to show he 's not connected at all to islam: giving a statement his ancestors were puritans ... i really don't know how many black people were in Leiden in 1600 (unless fro a temporary slavery move out) and were puritans!!!