Number of Dutch dementia patients doubles

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The number of people suffering from dementia in the Netherlands has doubled to half a million in 40 years. The costs have also doubled from 7.5 billion euros to around 15 billion according to the World Alzheimer Report 2010.

A spokesperson for Alzheimer Netherlands told daily newspaper , “Almost all forms of dementia are age related. As people are living longer, almost all forms of dementia are increasing too.”

The organisation says four out of five carers are overworked and should be given professional assistance to relieve the stress.

“Carers are seriously overworked. They would be able to carry on for longer if they received practical and emotional support. In turn that would mean patients with dementia would not end up in hospital prematurely…Giving carers support would save 7-10 percent in costs.” Alzheimer Netherlands managing director Gea Broekema told .

Employers should also take the needs of employees who care for family members into consideration. “One in eight employees cares for a sick relative at home. Most employers are not aware of this. While it does not take a lot to help carers combine their jobs and caring. It would already make a difference if employers spoke to their staff, were flexible and allowed them to work from home now and then.”

On Tuesday, World Alzheimer Day, the World Alzheimer Report will be presented to the international community. The report has been presented a day earlier in the Netherlands because Tuesday is Budget Day.

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