No moped driving lessons without theory certificate

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People wishing to take moped driving lessons in the Netherlands need to pass the moped theory exam first.

Those wishing to take moped (Bromfiets) driving lessons to prepare for the now obligatory moped practical exam must have passed their moped theory exam first.

“People are often not aware that they need to pass the theory before being able to take lessons from an instructor,” says Michael Davidson, founder and director of The International School of Driving (DriveRight).

“Young Americans especially, who come to the Netherlands with a car driving license find that they cannot drive a car here even if their family benefits of the 30 percent ruling because they are not yet 18 years. They then opt to ride a moped and discover that they cannot do so without passing a theory and practical exam.  For drivers aged over 18 years, the moped license isn’t necessary if you already hold an A (motorbike) or B (motorcar) license,” says Davidson.

Taking the test in English

Although the moped license theory exam can only be taken in group exams in the Dutch language, individual tests in the English language can be booked individually as long as the candidate can provide a translator who is up to date with the terms used in the Dutch and English languages regarding the theory of moped riding on the Dutch roads.

Online moped theory training in English

The Dutch moped theory training is available as an online course in the English language from The International School of Driving (DriveRight).

Two-category moped license

A moped driving license, categorised as AM2, enables you to drive a mobile car (brommobile) as well as a moped. This license can be taken on a moped with an automatic or manual transmission and not on a light moped.

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