No-fly zone dependent on UN decision

10th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

The Netherlands will not enforce a no-fly zone over Libya until there's a resolution from the UN Security council, Foreign Ministry Uri Rosenthal said on Wednesday after a debate in parliament.

The foreign minister says Dutch support for a no-fly zone would require an “international law mandate from the United Nations.” He added that imposing the measure would require "an all-out effort.”

Whether the UN will vote unanimously on the decision remains to be seen. “There are all sorts of complications,” Mr Rosenthal said. “These will become apparent during the decision-making process in the United Nations.”

Rosenthal did not comment on whether the Netherlands would help enforce the no-fly zone. “We are currently not ready to talk about whether we would do that. The first phase is decision-making within the framework of the UN,” he said. “And you know how complicated that is going to be.”

The Dutch government has been reluctant to express unequivocal support for a no-fly zone ever since three Dutch soldiers were captured by the Libyan authorities just over a week ago. They were arrested in a botched attempt to rescue a Dutch and a Swedish citizen who were stranded in the city of Sirte.

A no-fly order would prevent Gadaffi from deploying fighter planes over Libya. The move is supported by Britain and France, but fellow Security Council member Russia opposes any form of military intervention in the country.


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