No evidence of violence in Grz death

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The Public Prosecutors Office says that there is as yet no evidence suggesting that Ihsan Gürz died as the result of police violence. The investigation into the cause of death is still ongoing.

The death of Ihsan Gürz, who died while in police custody at the weekend, has sparked outrage in Turkish media. The 22-year-old of Turkish descent was arrested by police officers who responded to an incident in a snack bar in Beverwijk. He fell ill and died in a police cell.

Turkish media suggest he was tortured by the police. The Gürz case is linked to other Turks who allegedly died in possibly racist motivated police violence in various European countries.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecutors office says that the case is being investigated by the national police. Under normal circumstances, no announcements are made until after an investigation has been concluded, but an exception has been made because of the “horrible stories circulating in the media.” She said that “Neither the CCTV footage nor the further investigation have produced any evidence suggesting that Gürz death was the result of police violence”, and emphasised that the national police investigation is still ongoing.

Ihsan Gürz was arrested early on Sunday morning because he was causing trouble in a snack bar. He was throwing chairs, and the police say he was probably under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Gürz resisted arrest which is why the police used force to bring him under control. He reportedly continued to struggle while being transported to the police station. Once there, he was put in an observation cell equipped with cameras and a microphone. He was twice visited by a doctor; during the second visit the doctor could no longer detect a heat beat. Gürz was then reanimated and admitted to a hospital, where he died.

Green Left MP Tofik Dibi has announced via his Twitter account that he will ask questions in parliament about the death of Ihsan Gürz.

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