Four in five workers on flexible Dutch contracts

Four in five workers on flexible Dutch contracts

3rd April 2015, Comments 1 comment

With some four in five people working on a flexible contract in the Netherlands, many say they have difficulty making ends meet.

Four out of 10 Dutch workers with a flexible contract say they have difficulty making ends meet, compared with fewer than one in five people with a traditional fixed contract, according to union research.
The research, involving 4,200 people, was handed over to social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher on Thursday.
Some 30% of people with ‘on call’ contracts and 40% of temps say it is hard to find an affordable place to live, compared with one in 10 people in permanent jobs.
The research also shows 15% of people on flexible contracts earn less than the minimum wage, which is currently €9.58 an hour. One in four claims not to be paid for all the hours they work.
On call
‘Think about the pharmacy assistant who has to be available to work 40 hours but is only factored in for 20,’ FNV spokeswoman Mariëtte Patijn said in a statement.
‘Healthcare workers and teachers are also being forced into jobs with more uncertainty, which is having an impact on the quality of public service. This is the first time we have been able to show what the impact is on people’s lives.’
The FNV says nine in 10 people on flexible contracts would rather have a permanent job.

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  • Gus posted:

    on 8th April 2015, 21:29:57 - Reply

    I had a job that gave me 16 hours a week but I had to be available 7 days a week. Because of this I could not get a second job. Eventually I quit because they would not give me a fixed contract and I had no sick days or other benifits. The whole system is a fraud that favors the boss and really screws the worker.