New rules give shoppers more time for a refund

New rules give shoppers more time for a refund

12th June 2014, Comments 1 comment

New rules come into effect on Friday which will give consumers more time in which to return the goods if they are not satisfied with a purchase.

The rules, introduced under EU regulation, give shoppers spending over EUR 50 on the street or at the door 14 days in which to ask for their money back.

It also applies to agreements made on internet or the telephone.

The Dutch consumer authority ACM and the consumers' association are pleased with the new ruling.

'In the past, it varied from shop to shop and company to company and that was confusing for the consumer,' a spokesman told website

'Now it is 14 days everywhere.'



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  • elvis posted:

    on 12th June 2014, 20:44:30 - Reply

    To me it doesn't seem like something to be proud of. Many shops already gave consumers 30 days. Now they are going back to 14 days. That's no good.

    Only in holland they can stupefy consumers so well. I guess it is because their consumers are stupid anyway.