New location for yet-to-be built Historical Museum

26th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

The new location for the museum in Arnhem will make it more accessible by public transport.

ARNHEM – The National Historical Museum to be built in Arnhem will now be situated next to the Rhine near the John Frost Bridge, announced Arnhem town council. 

The decision to build the museum on a new location is to make it more accessible by public transport.

The museum was originally going to be built in the north of the city, close to the Open Air Museum.

John Frost Bridge is named after the leader of the British troops who defended it against German forces during the WWII.

The new location matches the War and Peace, and Land and Water themes which the museum will focus, said the museum's director, Erik Schilp.

Education Minister Ronald Plasterk applauded the decision to build the museum by the Rhine.

"This site is central to our past. Here, pre-historic Germanic tribes entered the country, and an important battle in WWII was fought here," he said.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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