New atlas of Netherlands-waterland

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This week will see the release of a new edition of the Bosatlas of Netherlands-waterland, focuses on the nation’s relationship with its watery environment.

The book contains hundreds of maps and aerial photographs shedding light on nearly all aspects of the Netherlands as a waterland. The various aspects include history, security and health, dyke-building and water purification technology, climate change, ecology and the improvement of water quality. The maps and graphs vary from coastal development in the year 5,000 BC to turnover at fish auctions and the country’s swimming water locations.

The introduction to the new was written by water expert Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. The prince writes that the atlas “Tells the story of a people which has inventively adapted to is watery environment, a fascinating and colourful story spanning many centuries.”

The new will be distributed to all Dutch secondary schools next year.

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