New allegations levelled at Dutch MP

5th August 2011, Comments 1 comment

Dutch Green Left MP Mariko Peters is in more serious trouble than at first thought, says today’s newspaper.

A well as facing allegations concerning complicity in kidnap, she is now reported to have breached conflict of interest rules when working for the foreign ministry in 2005.

Kidnap? Earlier this week, allegations were made that she was complicit in the abduction of three underage children. Her present partner, Robert Kluijver, is the father of the children and is accused of not returning them to their mother after the Easter holidays. The mother lives in the UK and has been granted custody of the children.

Nepotism? Today’s publishes e-mails which appear to show Ms Peters already had a romantic relationship with Mr Kluijver in April 2005. At the time, she was working as a diplomat at the Dutch embassy in the Afghan capital Kabul.

Mr Kluijver applied to Dutch charity the Prince Claus Fund for a subsidy for his aid organisation. The fund then contacted Ms Peters for an evaluation of the application. She is reported to have supplied a positive recommendation without mentioning that she knew the applicant.

E-mails One of the emails published by from Mr Kluijver to Ms Peters on 22 June 2005 reads: “We got more money than we’d expected: 38,000 euros […] It’s wonderful.”

The foreign ministry is investigating the possible conflict of interests breach.

Ms Peters says she is considering legal action concerning the kidnap allegations, citing the right to privacy of Mr Kluijver and his children. She is making no comment on the conflict of interest allegations, saying she is waiting for the results of the foreign ministry investigation.

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    Yep typical leftie. Do as I say, not as I do.