New Year festivity damage bill tops EUR 13m

New Year festivity damage bill tops EUR 13m

6th January 2015, Comments 0 comments

Damage caused to private property during the New Year festivities totalled EUR 13m this year, according to initial estimates from the Dutch insurance association.

This is EUR 4m up on last year when it was raining and similar to the bill for the 2012 celebrations, Nos quotes the association as saying.

‘This year it was dry and that is a very important factor,’ said spokesman Rudi Buis. ‘If it is raining, the damage bill tends to hover around EUR 10m. If it is dry, the bill is nearer to EUR 15m.’

The EUR 13m estimate covers damage to cars, houses and private property but does not include the medical costs associated with firework injuries.

Two primary schools in Uden and several shops in Alkmaar burned down during the festivities and the cost of replacing them is not included in the bill either.


Despite the higher damages bill, fewer people face criminal charges following the December 31 festivities than last year.

In total, 377 people face legal action after being arrested, compared with 615 in 2013, news agency ANP says. The first super-fast-track hearings took place on Monday.

In one case, an 18-year-old youth was jailed for six months, three suspended, for setting his elderly neighbour’s car on fire.


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