Netherlands to introduce stricter sentences for forcing a person to marry

22nd November 2010, Comments 2 comments


The government wants to introduce stricter sentences for people who force people to marry a person against their will.

Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten wants to raise the maximum sentence from nine months to two years. People  usually enter into a forced marriage as the result of strong psychological pressure or under threat of violence.

Minister Opstelten also wants to enable judges to remand suspects in custody. At present, this is only possible when a suspect is accused of a crime which carries a four-year minimum sentence.


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  • Joni Reid posted:

    on 24th November 2010, 18:30:06 - Reply

    The Dutch government might consider laws which will prevent marriages between Dutch residents and non-Dutch residents if the non-Dutch resident is under the age of 24 years old. This would prevent forced marriages with non-Dutch and would send a strong message to Dutch residents about forced marriages between Dutch residents.
  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 22nd November 2010, 23:55:19 - Reply

    This article screams cowardice.

    What sectors of Dutch society are engaging in forced marriages? What ethnic groups? Are mainstream Dutch Christians engaging in forced Marriages or Dutch Muslim Immigrants?

    I'd like to know, because you can't actually solved a problem until you are able to FULLY understand the problem.

    How about some pertinent details: how many forced marriages are occurring?, what ages are the grooms respective to the brides?, are there grooms who are engaging in forced marriage polygamy?

    It is these questions which the author of the article should be asking, along with those posted at the beginning of this comment.

    No more Political Correctness; PC destroys a society and precludes solving problems.