Netherlands still burns too much refuse

4th June 2011, Comments 0 comments

The Netherlands burns two times more rubbish than officially allowed, says newspaper NRC Handelsblad, quoting an unpublished report by the health ministry.

Every year Dutch households generate some 2.4 million tons of waste. Around 1.7 million tons of that amount is collected after households have pre-sorted it.

Of the remaining 700,000 tons of rubbish, which contains many recyclable materials, 80 percent is burnt, even though regulations stipulate a 40 percent maximum.

Municipalities, provinces and companies involved in waste collection schemes are lax in adjusting their contracts and licences to conform to the minimum norm, the health ministry report finds.

Under the new norm, burning refuse has been replaced by recycling, which is better for the environment and allows for savings in expensive raw materials.

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© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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