Netherlands refuses to attend UN racism conference

19th April 2009, Comments 4 comments

The Netherlands joined the United States and Australia Sunday in refusing to attend a UN conference on racism, saying it feared the event would be abused and place religion ahead of human rights.

THE HAGUE - The Netherlands joined the United States and Australia Sunday in refusing to attend a UN conference on racism, saying it feared the event would be abused and place religion ahead of human rights.

The Netherlands found a draft final text prepared ahead of the conference "unacceptable", said foreign minister Maxime Verhagen, as it undermined the goals of the meeting due to open in Geneva on Monday.

"The conference is too important for it to be abused for political ends and attacks on the West," the minister said in a statement.

"The Netherlands will not be a party to that."

Verhagen said countries with questionable human rights records were seeking to abuse the gathering "to place religion ahead of human rights and unneccesarily curtain freedom of speech, to negate discrimination against homosexuality, and to place Israel alone in the accused bench", said Verhagen.

The Netherlands no longer believed the conference could truly contribute to fighting this scourge, he added.

The United States and Australia have also said they would not attend the conference as they objected to the language in the draft text.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called the Holocaust a "myth", is the only prominent head of state so far scheduled to attend the Geneva conference.

The meeting is due to take stock of efforts to combat racism since the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001, an event the US and and Israel walked out of claiming anti-Semitism.

Switzerland Geneva : Member of the Jewish community and sympathizers attend a commemoration of the Shoah on the sidelines of a five-day UN review conference on racism on 20 April 2009 outside of the UN Offices in Geneva. United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon deplored Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech attacking Israel's "totally racist government" during a UN anti-racism meeting on Monday. AFP photo / Fabrice Coffrini

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  • Anonymundo posted:

    on 27th August 2010, 05:05:46 - Reply

    Actually "Free Man".

    How can you Omit Acts of Terror committed by the UK/US Armies?

    Look up Haditha, Bhagrahm, The Mahmudya Killings, Guantanamo, Abu Ghuraib etc. Then ask why there is resentment.

    The backward hate filled media in the UK and US has resulted in a tirade of hate torwards anyone different.

    And actually there are numerous terror camps from White Nationalists, Marxists and Anarchists, with rings being broken often. Just because it's not on the The Daily 'Hate' Mail and Fox News for 5 weeks straight does not nullify their existence.

    It's called double standards...
  • Free Man posted:

    on 23rd May 2009, 14:32:02 - Reply

    Iftikhar Ahmad, even "whiteys" get bad treatment by the police, and there are plenty of westerners in jails. but we don't get on and bitch about it being "because they are white" or because they are "western"

    and I do have to ask seriously, when WAS the last time you heard of a caucasian commiting an act of terror, with the exclusion of military action? how many londoners organised training camps to learn how to go and attack those of the same race as the recent london bombings?

    How many Australians did the same? returning to Bali to blow the place up in retaliation for the bombings that killed many there?

    alot of the problems with what you'd consider racist actions I would agree they are caused by racism, but probably not how you view it.

    Self segregation is what I am thinking of. It seems like here in Australia that places like England have the same problem, we open our doors to anyone really, but it seems we have to change our ways to keep the minority happy, not those coming here must adapt to our ways and culture. I know of many Muslims even Chinese that refuse to learn or speak english, know that we westerners women dress scantily and our laws and religions and social interactions are different to what they deem acceptable, and what do they do? they move to these western countries and proceed to bitch about them. Heck we had casses of women being raped here because of the way they dressed. Sicker still is the closed communities of these people said the females involved deserved it. Basically rape was ok, because they didn't wear a scarf? seriously.

    Now think about it, If I went to any number of countries be they Pakistan, Afghanastan, Iran etc etc as a caucasian westerner I'd ask? how would they respond if I asked for say a Christian only school? That I be allowed to practise said Chrisitianity in pulic without persecution, that they should provide me free health care, housing and income?
    That I wanted to openly drink alcohol, and that my woman didn't need to cover her self as it was against my beliefs? Can you see where I'm going with this?

    Seriously, if those from foreign nations made more of an effort to intergrate into the country they relocate to things wouldn't be so bad.
    But oddly many come here and expect us to behave as they do, as they lived in their old countries, and I gotta ask? Why leave their homelands if they are just going to live the same ways as they are apparently trying to escape?

    I got a simple solution, if you don't like a country or it's laws don't move there, if you do, then you best adapt and not expect the natives to pander to you, you are a guest in their home so to speak until you prove you've earned it in many eyes.

    If many ethnic communities weren't so closed and prehistorically minded alot of this wouldn't be a problem, but this is how it works, if I and a bunch of people go and blow shit up, we and all those close to us, people even with slight association would be investigated the same way?

    Because we are white? no because we are criminals and those associated with us are potentially criminals. Yet seems soon as any one slighty asian or middle eastern comes under scrutiny it is because they are "muslim, black, middle eastern etc etc" not that they may of broken a law.

    THose same students you mention were detained? ask what would of happened if they were taken into custody in pakistan, afghanistan of any other non western country (and it does happen afghans locking up afghans as terroristsfor example) and I am sure they would much prefer being detained in a western society.

    TIme to drop the race card, and for people to look at the real causes behind this crap. that those crying racism are usually the biggest commiters of it, like I said segregating themselves, or do you think our countries let them in just so we can lock them up at great expense for the hell of it?

    So I say if you don't like it, you can always go home, and no I'm, part white, but am from a mixed race family, so I can't be racist or I'd have to hate myself and my loved ones, I like most westerners see only 2 types of people on the planet, humans and stupid humans.

    But yeah you know where the airport is, I might come with you. Praising jesus in the middle of Iran publicly should be great fun.

    Make an Islamic or black or Jew only school that's ok, make a white only school you're a racist.
    Sorry repeating myself but maybe if I say it enough it might get through to others who can't see alot of these prehistoric religions that will kill a person for touching a cow and think you should persecuted for not covering your wife in a day and age that man can walk on the moon are just stupid.

    Seriously stop blaming your colour or religion and start taking personal responsibilty, you can't get special treatment, you want to live in our countries then you accept that all are equal, and no one is more self important because caspar the gh... I mean their god says they are.

    All it takes is using a little common sense something the world is lackingn lately.

    Sorry I get sick of seeing poor us poor us, we can all bitch about our situations and make out we're persecuted if we wanted to.

    WHat is funny that the site you listed has not only some sick sounding article titles but that it shows an article about the church of england uniting different religions in a multi faith school? now when was the last time you seen any other religion or race do that?

    I think the Pakistani community should apologise, because if you tried that shit "back" home you'd no doubt be taken down a back ally and shot for being a traitor.

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds. No wonder those nations refuse to attend, it's never about personal actions it always becomes a race and religion thing. but it's not US that makes it that way.
  • Iftikhar Ahmad posted:

    on 22nd April 2009, 18:37:07 - Reply


    There is no difference between the policies of BNP, Tory or Labour, as far as Muslim community is concerned.

    Muslim community has been victim of racism and discrimination for the last 60 years by the British society in every walk of life. The situation has gone from bad to worse.

    Now Muslim community is vicitm of terrorism. Thousands of Muslim youths are being searched in streets for no reason and hundreds of them are behind the bar without any trial. British prisons are the training grounds for criminals and when they leave prisons there is a possibility that they would committ some kind of terrorist activities. There is a growing sense of alienation and insecurity among Muslim youths across Britain, inspite of two Muslim ministers, couple of MPs and Lords, an army of local councillors and a jungle of state funded Muslim organisations and so called Muslim leaders. They are the "show boys" of the British Establishment. None of them represents the needs and demands of the diverse Muslim community.

    Recently, Pakistani students were detained on terrorism chages by the police. Their arrest will lead to more scare-mongering.They were convicted even before trial. Gordon Brown said the arrests could have foiled a "very big terrorist plot". The arrests have quickly led to accusations against Pakistan for not doing enough in the fight against terror. Gordon Brown also believes that there are links between terrorists in Britain and terrorists in Pakistan. Pakistan has become the nexus of terrorism within the media, much of western think-tanks and government circles. Police could not find any thing suspicious. Britain had given Pakstan no evidence against them. Now they are going to be deported to cover up blunders and mistakes because of lack of evidence. Gordon Brown should tender an apology and they should be compensated and should be allowed to continye their education for better community relations and cohesion.
    Iftikhar Ahmad