Netherlands highly globalised

24th January 2011, Comments 0 comments


The Dutch economy comes eighth on a globalisation index of the world's 60 largest economies. The list is part of a report called Winning in a Polycentric World published on Monday by accountancy firm Ernst & Young in collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit EIU.

The report measures globalisation according to 20 indicators which fall into five broad categories: openness to trade, capital movements, exchange of technology and ideas, labour movements and cultural integration.

The Netherlands scored high marks in the first three categories, but lagged behind in the last two. Hong Kong, Ireland and Singapore top the list. The index looks at the extent to which countries are active on the world stage, but does not take into account an economy's impact on the global economy, which explains why countries with a big domestic market such as China, India and the United States are found about half way down the list.



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