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Train tickets will become more expensive on 3 February 2008.

19 December 2007

UTRECHT – Train tickets will become more expensive on 3 February 2008. The Dutch Railways NS may increase the price now that it has succeeded in getting 87 percent of train running on time.

The NS announced on Tuesday that now that the punctuality rate has reached 87 percent, it has satisfied agreements made earlier with consumer organisations.

The organisations in question agreed in 2003 that the NS would refrain from introducing a price hike until punctuality and customer satisfaction increased.
The price of train tickets did not increase in 2002 because NS felt service had to improve. When this proved to be the case in 2004, the first part of the postponed increase was pushed through. Now the second part of price hike will follow.

An NS spokesperson pointed out that a great deal of effort has been made over the past years to improve customer service. "Many more trains are running on time compared to the beginning of the century. The number of train passengers has grown, as has their appreciation for the service."

The Consumers' Union said it found it more important that passengers arrive on time rather than trains. "We are going to sharply monitor this year whether passengers do arrive on time and whether they have to leave a lot earlier to arrive at the same time with the new timetable."

The organisation also feels that the price and quality of public transport should be linked. "This is not the case, since aside from this one-off agreement, the NS still can make tickets more expensive each year by applying correction for inflation."

"Train tickets will become just over 2 percent more expensive in February. This increase comes on top of the inflation correction of 2 percent that will be introduced in January already."

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