NS fears empty trains

24th May 2012, Comments 7 comments

Netherlands Railways NS fears that a government plan to scrap the tax-free travel expenses compensation scheme will lead to empty trains and congested roads.

The measure is part of a raft of budget cuts agreed earlier this spring.

In the Netherlands workers are eligible for tax-free travel expenses compensation from their employer if they live further than six miles away from their place of work.

According to NS, the measure will cost the average holder of a rail pass more than 100 euros a month. NS also said that a shift away from public transport towards the use of private cars would adversely affect the environment.

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7 Comments To This Article

  • Joey Truth posted:

    on 21st October 2013, 13:33:36 - Reply

    This new government REALLY hates the citizens. Thats liberals for you.
  • HTD posted:

    on 20th August 2013, 20:39:58 - Reply

    Nice to hear a Brit admit that the UK should be considered as part of Europe. Not sure if David Cameron agrees?
  • Tom posted:

    on 13th May 2013, 15:28:10 - Reply

    As a UK citizen living and working in Holland I have to point out to a previous commenters that NS fares are NOT the mot expensive in Europe - British are, by a long way, and unless the British situation has improved enormously since I left (5 years ago) NS trains are also much more likely to run, and to run on time.
  • Liz posted:

    on 24th January 2013, 09:49:58 - Reply

    The reason people don't use the trains/trams is that they are completely unreliable. I moved here with no plans to buy a car. After a month I was unreasonably late (due to trams) several times and had to take taxis (€50/time) twice. After that I started biking over 30 minutes to work, which was much better, but not a solution in the winter, heavy rain, heavy wind, when I still depended on trains/tram. The trains/trams are SO unreliable that in fact I moved apartments and bought a car so I wouldn't have to take them anymore. It's that bad. Insane.
  • Kevin L posted:

    on 13th October 2012, 00:29:13 - Reply

    Hallo?? The roads are already "congested" and the construction of wider highways is nothing more than a temporary fix. Has Holland's officials learned nothing from the losing battle of making more and more...wider and wider roads in other countries such as America?

    Holland needs more real people in politics -- and not clueless Professional Politicians. I know, I'm an expat from America.
  • SB posted:

    on 18th July 2012, 20:24:04 - Reply

    If NS does not want to see people leaving the trains and taking the roads, they should decrease their high prices: the highest in Europe !
  • HTD posted:

    on 24th May 2012, 11:19:20 - Reply

    Is this what the Green Party accepted in joining in with the VVD, CDA rightwing parties?
    Well, by September I wonder how many environmentally concerned voters are actually going to vote for them and not the PvdA, SP, or 55 Parties?
    This move by the Groen Party is a blatant demonstration as to how out of touch political parties can be with voters.
    The public deserves more in-touch politicians!