Máxima should not become queen

13th May 2011, Comments 6 comments

The orthodox Christian newspaper Nederlands Dagblad reports that the Labour Party PvdA, the Green Left party and the Animal Rights Party say that Princess Máxima should not be allowed to call herself queen after her husband Crown Prince Willem-Alexander ascends the throne.

The three opposition parties spoke of an outmoded tradition which dictates that the wife of the king automatically becomes queen. They argue that men and women should be treated equally, and that it would be strange for Máxima to become queen when Queen Beatrix’s husband Prince Claus was not allowed to become king.

Green Left MP Ineke van Gent spoke of a sexist, out-of-date system. Labour Party MP Pierre Heijnen denied that his party begrudged the princess the title of queen:

The Christian democratic CDA, the Christian Union and the orthodox Christian party SGP want to uphold the tradition that Dutch kings have a queen at their side. The conservative VVD and the democrat party D66 are not quite as principled, but do not want to make an issue out of the situation. D66 leader Alexander Pechtold said.

According to the Nederlands Dagblad, it will depend on the Socialist Party and the Freedom Party whether Princess Máxima will ever become Queen Máxima. The Socialist Party has not yet formulated a position and the Freedom Party was not available for comment

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  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 18th May 2011, 18:24:17 - Reply

    Let's face it my friend, this is just another example of small minded people, who constantly live in the 'land of socialist theory one way or the other', trying to aggrandize themselves, puff themselves up beyond any natural importance, because inside, they are truly 'little people' morally, ethically, mentally, and intellectually.

    These small minded and petty people must be confronted and told in no uncertain terms that quality constructive culture is dependent upon upholding valuable traditions and this is one such without any mistake.

    Princess Maxima (a truly beautiful woman) should assert herself against the naysayers and so should her husband.

    Cheers from Wyoming.
  • Jorge Vilar posted:

    on 18th May 2011, 18:17:59 - Reply

    Who cares? We should care about the big picture, not the small things...
  • J. C. posted:

    on 18th May 2011, 14:55:45 - Reply

    This is ridiculous!
    It is tradition that a King has a Queen by his side but a Queen's husband does not have the title. If Camilla is to be named Queen when Charles ascends the throne and Kate when William is crowned, then surely our lovely Princess deserves the same courtesy!!!