Music for rail passengers while waiting

3rd November 2009, Comments 0 comments

The Leiden Central train station will play music to make waiting time for passengers more enjoyable.

The Netherlands – Rail passengers at Ledien Central station can expect to hear smoothing and calm background music while waiting for their trains to arrive, reported

As passengers often experience waiting periods that are thrice as long, NS rail manager ProRail decided to introduce music so that the waiting time can be made enjoyable.

In the day, passengers will hear happy and calm background music, and classical music in the evening.

Music will first be played at Leiden Central train station. If it is perceived as a success, it will be introduced to other stations.

Music improves security too
Introducing music is not new to Dutch train stations.

In train stations at Heerlen, Gouda and Den Haag Holland Spoor, classical music has been used to keep junkies away, hence improving the security of the stations.


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