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On Sunday, 6 June, art centre Tac in Eindhoven will organise and host the street festival Via Ventosa (windy street). Live music and theatre performances, films and visual art blend in this summer event to entertain the public from 2pm till 2am.

Renowned as one of the most important industrialized centres in the Netherlands, Eindhoven doesn’t want to be confined to its role of business city. The municipality has never missed a chance over the past few years to promote cultural events, art and live entertainment.

The new houses, hotels and offices which are sprouting up around the city contribute to a constantly shifting perimeter of the city’s modern outskirts.  However, one aspect of the city remains unaltered: the Saturday night fever.

Quiet from Monday to Friday, apparently conventional, almost boring, Eindhoven hots up every Saturday when restaurants, disco-bars, pubs and clubs open their doors for the whole night. This festive atmosphere reaches its climax during the summer when almost every weekend there is an event or festival going on. No surprise, then, that the last weekend of June saw music stands all over the town for live performances of jazz, blues, Latino bands and electro-music DJ’s.

LabasheedaWhile a mixed-age crowd was streaming along the central streets, Tac (Temporary Art Center) was entertaining a public with a preference for the alternative art scene. The organisation has been promoting art and cultural events for a decade, focusing especially on original and unconventional artists. On this occasion Labasheeda, recognised as one of the alternative Dutch groups currently active on the national and international music scene, was invited to present its latest poppy-punk melodic musical creations.

Tac is about to close for the summer holidays, but next Sunday they will host the festival Via Ventosa, with an intense programme of live theatre performances, visual artists and music groups. As recurring gratis event, Via Ventosa is a popular festival in Eindhoven with artists participating from all over Europe.

(Michele Carloni)

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