Museum of National History to be scrapped

28th May 2011, Comments 1 comment

The planned Museum of National History is not likely to be created, its board says in an interview published in newspaper de Volkskrant.

In parliament there is no majority that wants to keep the museum and Interior Ministery Donner refuses to house the museum in Soestdijk Palace, board members Erik Schilp and Valentijn Byvanck say in the interview.

The royal palace has been empty since the death of Prince Bernard in December 2004.

A plan to set up the museum, approved by parliament in 2006, was followed by a lengthy discussion about its location and content.

A decision to locate it in the eastern town of Arnhem was later reversed for financial reasons.

Since then the museum has confined its activities to organizing travelling exhibitions and running a website.

Recently it installed a small exhibition in Amsterdam’s Zuiderkerk.

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum argues there is no need for a separate historical museum.

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  • osita posted:

    on 28th May 2011, 21:52:47 - Reply

    I disagree, there is every need for a museum of natural history - the Rijksmuseum is wonderful but it doesn't meet this need. However, I disagree with using Soestdijk: that would feel a bit like using Versailles as a modern art museum: full of tents, graffiti and dead farm animals (preserved).

    I pass at least 200 empty buildings every day on my way to work on the outskirks of A'dam - surely there is something currently deserted which would be suitable?