Murder suspect of Urk teenager denies involvement

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A 15-year-old boy suspected of killing a teenager from Urk and dumping his body in the woods says he is innocent.

Amsterdam - A 15-year-old boy who is the main suspect of a brutal murder of a teenager from Urk has denied involvement in the incident, says his family.

According to Dutch media De Telegraaf and, his family said the suspect declared his innocence while being questioned by the police on Sunday.

The family of the main suspect expects his release on Monday. "We heard from Jaap (the main suspect) that the police have no evidence against him."

Two other suspects were also interrogated on Sunday.

On Wednesday, a 14-year-old missing teenager was found dead in the woods of Urk. The body of Dirk Post was found mutilated and police suspect he was killed with a baseball bat.

According to De Telegraaf's report on Sunday, the primary motive behind the murder was over a girl. Both the suspect and Post supposedly fancied the same girl. The main suspect had allegedly said he would murder Post after his rival went out with the girl.

If the main suspect is found guilty of murder, he must be punished as an adult according to the Citizen Committee against Injustice, reported Sp!ts.

"Children are continually committing more serious crimes at younger ages." said co-founder of the committee Joost Eerdmans. "We think that somebody who commits adult-crimes should be sentenced like an adult."

Remembering Dirk Post
A silence march in memory of Post will be held on Tuesday at 17:00, announced Urk Mayor Jaap Kroon on Radio 1. The march was initiated by Post's friends and approved by the mayor.

Post will be buried on Tuesday morning in his hometown. A private funeral mass will be held at 10:30 at the Reformed Church The Ark before the burial.

"The family explicitly requests the press to not be present. They are enough amongst themselves and really don't appreciate camera-crews and journalists." said a spokesman of the municipality.

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