Multiple murder suspect extradited

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Morocco extradited 39-year-old Jesse R. to the Netherlands last week.

28 January 2008

AMSTERDAM – Morocco extradited 39-year-old Jesse R. to the Netherlands last week. R. is suspected of involvement in the murders of Kees Houtman and Thomas van der Bijl.
The man has been arraigned and is not being allowed any contact with the outside world, the public prosecution department reported Monday. He will be kept in custody for at least another 14 days.

The justice department believes that R. and crown witness Peter La S. are together responsible for at least two murders in Amsterdam criminal circles. The two allegedly shot and killed real estate magnate Kees Houtman in front of his home in Amsterdam-Osdorp in November 2005. Bar owner Thomas van der Bijl was killed in April 2006.

The two reportedly played an important role in the extortion case against Willem Holleeder. Witness testimony from Houtman’s widow was much of the evidence against Holleeder. Holleeder was sentenced to nine years in prison in December. Van der Bijl also submitted to police a number of statements against Holleeder before being gunned down.

R.'s fellow suspect Peter La S. has given the justice department a number of statements against R. and various other figures from the Amsterdam crime world. In exchange for this testimony the public prosecution department will ask for a less severe penalty for La S.

La S. claims an extensive hit-list was circulating in Amsterdam crime circles.

In September during a pro forma hearing against another suspect, Sjaak B., it became clear that the prosecution holds R. responsible for even more murders. He is thought to be behind the killing of former Heineken kidnapper Cor van Hout for instance as well. Holleeder’s former ‘partner in crime’ was murdered in Amstelveen in 2003.

In total the prosecution thinks R. can be linked to nine murders. He has not been officially designated a suspect in all these cases however.

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