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Trouw, ChristenUnie is the "big winner"


ChristenUnie is the "big winner"

The ChristenUnie managed to get more of its plans represented in the coalition agreement than the other two parties. This while the party is the smallest of the three partners and has never taken part in coalition negotiations before.

Trafigura knew about dumping of toxic waste

Oil trading company Trafigura knew that the toxic waste would not be processed in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), but rather dumped there. The dumping last August led to a disaster in which 15 people lost their lives.

de Volkskrant

Police chief tries to influence investigation

Jelle Kuiper, acting chief of the Gelderland Midden police force, wanted to influence an investigation by the National Ombudsman into how complaints from three police officers of ethnic background were handled. This emerged from a letter the Volkskrant has gained access to.

Second Maasvlakte will lead to higher particulate matter levels

The levels of particulate matter in the Rotterdam region will increase to above the 20-microgram per cubic metre standard as a result of the extension of the city’s port. This emerged from preparatory documents sent to the Rotterdam municipality and the Ministry of Transport, Water Management and Public Works on Friday.

AD/Haagsche Courant

Higher compensation for long power outages

Energy market regulator DTe, a division of the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa), has determined that households affected by power outages will be able to claim higher damages compensation from 1 April.

"Old age doesn’t start till 74"

You aren’t old until you’re 74. This emerged from a large international survey by pension insurer Axa into the spending habits of working people and retirees.

NRC Next

The old and the beautiful

The Oscars will be given out on Sunday night. Three of the five nominees for Best Actress are over 50. Is Hollywood changing?

De Telegraaf

It pays to complain

Homeowners can manage to get their property tax (WOZ) dramatically lowered by citing the most peculiar complaints.

Another Dutch orphanage director in Nepal in trouble

Another Dutch orphanage director in Nepal is suspected of sexually abusing children. "Strict protestant" Gert V. had already molested children in a home he set up in Bangladesh before moving to Nepal.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Americans opposed to extra DSM dividend

American investment company Franklin Mutual Advisors is considering legal action to stop the loyalty dividend that DSM wants to introduce for loyal shareholders.

SER advises warm welcome for knowledge migrants

The Netherlands should be more welcoming to knowledge migrants from outside the EU. Rather than saying "no, unless" the attitude should be "yes, as long as." This is contained in a draft recommendation from the Social Economic Council (SER) which will be discussed next month.

Nederlands Dagblad

Age discrimination in health insurance

The unions for the interests of the elderly Anbo, Unie KBO and PCOB are launching an investigation into age discrimination at health insurance companies.

Schools "creative" with extra funds

The new regulations for the extra money granted schools to help pupils who are lagging behind prove to be susceptible to fraud.

De Pers

"Bos didn’t lift a finger for us"

Labour PvdA leader Wouter Bos is now acting as if he would have liked the Socialist Party SP in the government. The reality is very different, says SP leader Jan Marijnissen, with the records of the talks in hand.

Hirsi Ali number 6 on US bestseller list

The American press had already given her book a warm reception, the public seems to like Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book now as well.

On Thursday it was announced that her book Infidel (English title of her book Mijn Vrijheid) is at number six on the New York Times bestseller list for non-fiction.

Limburgs Dagblad

"Quality of home help undermined"

The elderly who are referred to home help since the introduction of the Social Support Act (WMO) are being more often sent an untrained helper rather than more expensive professional household assistance.

Carnival 2007 busier than usual

Carnival was busier than usual throughout Limburg this year, according to representatives from municipalities, the catering industry, fire brigades and carnival associations.

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