Morning newspapers – 9 July 2007

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De Telegraaf, Run on imported cars

De Telegraaf

Run on imported cars

More and more Dutch are buying new and used cars across the border. The number of cars imported last year increased by 50 percent. The increase in the number of used cars brought in was particularly great. Most of the cars were brought from Germany.


Smoking ban on school playground

Schools should ban smoking on school playgrounds, says the Besturenraad, which represents 2,250 educational institutions and 800,000 pupils in Christian education. Pupils being allowed to light up on the school playground should be a "thing of the past."

Baggage chaos at Heathrow

There was chaos at the baggage handling department at Heathrow airport this weekend. About 20,000 pieces of baggage from passengers from around the world were left behind at the airport because of cancelled flights and a terrorist alert.

de Volkskrant

Preaching, drinking and Bon Jovi

The Dave Matthews Band has just finished its set, rapper Kanye West is coming up. "Not my favourites," says Vidhi Kotawhala. Kotawhala (22) and 52 thousand others attended the Live Earth concert in Giants Stadium on Saturday.

At least 150 killed in attack

The second bloodiest attack in northern Iraq since the start of the war in 2003 has killed at least 150 inhabitants in the Shi'ite town Tuz Khurmato. A total of more than 200 people were killed in attacks throughout the country this weekend.

Nrc next

Rijksmuseum renovation on hold

The renovation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has been halted pending the issuing of the building permit. The project was supposed to take two years but will take at least eight because the museum, politicians and officials didn't realise what they were getting into.


Supermarkets turn away cash

Supermarket want to get rid of cash payment. Paying for shopping with a PIN card is much safer. "Cash costs money too."

Waiting lists for after-school care

Primary schools must provide after-school care starting 1 August. There are still no spaces for 13 percent of children.

De Pers

Tour de France starts smoothly in England

The Tour de France kicked off without incident in London this weekend. A million fans stood along the side of the road to watch the prologue and first stage of the 94th Tour de France.

Gay bashing is in

Homosexuals in Amsterdam are worried about escalating violence against gays in the capital. "Homophobia is stronger now than it was a few years ago, I feel safer in Barcelona than here."

Het Financieele Dagblad

Only middle-income earners will be hit by new plan

The government's proposal for putting a cap on severance pay packages should be rejected because only middle income groups will be affected by the plan. Trade union confederation CNV chairman René Paas has said this after drawing up new calculations with MHP director Eddy Haket.

Gazprom has its eye on Gasunie pipelines

Russian energy giant Gazprom wants to acquire a number of stakes in pipelines operated by Dutch Gasunie. Prominent Russian newspaper Kommersant has report this. In June 2006 Gasunie and Gazprom announced they would be trading stakes in each other's pipelines. The negotiations are still ongoing.

Nederlands Dagblad

Museums cannot survive without "foundation of friends"

Foundations of donors have become indispensable to the operation of museums and the funding of special activities.

Problem people locked up

The Netherlands solves its problems with minorities and problem groups in the population by locking them up. This is the conclusion from researchers after studying the strong increase in the number of cells. The number of prisoners per 100,000 residents has increased four-fold since 1985.

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