Morning newspapers – 8 June 2007

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De Telegraaf, Maddie's parents put hopes in holiday photos

De Telegraaf

Maddie's parents put hopes in holiday photos

The parents of missing British 4-year-old Madeleine McCann reportedly received a mysterious phone call redirected to them by Spanish police shortly before leaving Berlin to visit the Netherlands. A yet unidentified caller said he knew where Maddie was. As a result the flight to the Netherlands on Wednesday afternoon was delayed by several hours.

Problem youth destroy the Eendracht

A "disciplinary trip" on the traditional three-mast schooner the Eendracht for "problem youth" from Rotterdam descended into chaos and misconduct earlier this week. Fighting broke out on board, parts of the boat were vandalised, and even a violent robbery took place.


Female students perform better

Women perform much better at university than their male counterparts. They study harder and graduate in a much shorter time. It is remarkable that female students are also more successful in "traditionally male" programmes like economy and technology.

"Revoke Cerfontaine's bonus in case of too much noise pollution"

Schiphol CEO Gerlach Cerfontaine should be required to give up part of his bonus if the airport produces too much air pollution, says Labour party PvdA.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Tax authority in for a loss

The Dutch tax authority is in for a substantial loss. The Netherlands has been acting in violation of EU law since the beginning of this year in withholding dividend tax from foreign businesses.

Ahold management positive about US stores

Ahold's share price took flight unexpectedly on Thursday. The share increased by 7.5 percent after positive statements from the company management about the state of affairs in its US supermarket chains. The company made these statements at the presentation of its first quarter figures.

de Volkskrant

Nature of shooting in Iraq was known

Dutch senior military officers in Iraq and The Hague knew from day one that marine Eric O. had deliberately aimed at an Iraqi citizen in a shooting incident.

De Pers

Beatrix is not safe in Amsterdam

After her agenda was found in a garbage container, it now appears that eavesdroppers were able to follow her comings and goings via the police scanner.

The first city for the elderly

A city whose residents are all over 50. The municipality of Noordoostpolder will be the first to sign a declaration of intent for the construction of a Senior Citizen City on Monday.

Nederlands Dagblad

Poor family spends more on school

Poor parents pay several hundred euros more each year in school costs than wealthy families. Less affluent families have to pay more mainly for children who are attending secondary vocational training.

Sex is difficult topic for parents of disabled

Sex. That is also a difficult topic for the parents of mentally handicapped young people. While their children are vulnerable: more than 50 percent of people with a degree of mental disability fall victim to some form of sexual abuse.

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