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Trouw, Total smoking ban on the way


Total smoking ban on the way

Public Health Minister Klink is sticking to his guns: smoking will be banned in all cafes, bars, nightclubs, etc., as of 1 July 2008. Klink does not want to introduce a ban in phases.

Organ donor campaign among Turks

The Muslim Turkish community in the Netherlands is working on a large campaign to encourage more Turks to be organ donors.


Smoking ban throughout hospitality sector in 2008

The hospitality industry must be entirely smoke-free next year. This is contained in a proposal from Public Health Minister Klink which will be discussed in the cabinet meeting on Friday.

CDA has doubts about road pricing

The Christian democrat CDA does not think road pricing can be introduced as early as 2011. "We would need a miracle to achieve that," says MP Ger Koopmans. "I believe in the system, but not in the timeframe. That is too ambitious."

De Telegraaf

"Amnesty subject to arbitrariness"

Foreigners in municipalities with left-wing city councils have a good chance of qualifying for the amnesty, even if they don't meet the criteria set by the state. VVD MP Halbe Zijlstra said this on the eve of the parliamentary debate on the amnesty scheme. The liberal says that mayors are being given so much leeway to decide who is recommended for a residence permit that it ends up being arbitrary.

Help in claiming money after travel inconvenience

Holiday makers will be given free assistance in collecting the reimbursement for delays and cancellations of flights that the EU has ordered airlines to pay. Market leader D-Reizen is going to help holiday makers collect the money due them by travel organisations and airlines. Experts say that tens of millions of euro in compensation goes unclaimed because duped travellers often hesitate to start the difficult procedure on their own.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Building sector wants to tackle congestion

Chairman of the Dutch building sector organisation Elco Brinkman has an unorthodox plan to fight the growing congestion on the roads. He want to tackle the crowded motorways with "empty asphalt." Brinkman wants construction of a number of roads to begin, even if usage permits cannot yet be granted because of air quality restrictions. These road would be constructed but presumably lie unused until such permits can be issued.

Europe should develop its own debit card

The European Central Bank (ECB) is calling on European banks to introduce a European-wide debit card. The ECB is urging the European banking sector to do this in order to prevent the European payment market from falling into the hands of the US, Japan and China.

de Volkskrant

Harsh criticism of VVD leadership

An internal party committee says the whole Liberal VVD leadership is responsible for the defeat in the general elections last year. The discussion on leadership of the VVD continues. A survey among VVD voters indicates that two-thirds wants the party to be more right wing.

Nederlands Dagblad

"All top VVD members failed"

The entire leadership at the VVD is responsible for the party's poor results in the last general elections. A committee led by Sybilla Dekker has concluded this.

Choirs fined for illegal sheet music

The Musicopy foundation in Hoofddorp has fined several dozen amateur choirs and orchestras for using illegally copied sheet music at performances.

De Pers

Electro-shock therapy becoming more popular

The use of controversial electro-shock therapy in the Netherlands appears to have increased significantly over the past few decades.

Dagblad De Limburger

File opened for every newborn

Starting next year every child born in the Netherlands will be assigned an electronic file. This dossier will contain information on the child itself, but also on his/her family situation and environment.

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