Morning newspapers – 7 February 2007

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Morning newspapers – 7 February 2007

Morning newspapers – 7 February 2007

De Telegraaf

Is Begging a Goldmine?

Some artful dodgers collect a small fortune every month.

Coalition Accord Means Heavy Spending

The opposition is critical of the accord signed by the Christian Democrats (CDA), the Labour Party (PvdA) and the ChristenUnie (CU). On both sides of the political spectrum, left and right, opposition party leaders have nothing good to say about the accord.

De Volkskrant

Bos and Rouvoet Both in Cabinet

Part leaders Wouter Bos (the Labour Party, PvdA) and André Rouvoet (ChristenUnie) will both become ministers and deputy prime ministers in the government that their parties will form with the Christian Democrats (CDA). 

Prosecution Demands Ten Months Prison Sentence for Hiddink

Guus Hiddink thought he was above the law, said C.Loos of the Prosecutor’s Office in Den Bosch on Tuesday, while demanding a ten-month prison sentence for the Russian national football team coach for concealing 1.4 million euros from the tax authorities.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Court Ruled Chocolate Bar “Slave Free”

Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar has been officially confirmed “slave free”, as no slave labour in its production was proven in court.


Google Wants Energy; Eemshaven Harbour Has It

One of the largest computer centres in Europe will take its place in the Eemshaven harbour in Groningen this year. Google will be the main leaseholder of the energy-guzzling complex.

De Pers

Mafia’s Buddy vs. Pseudo-Journalist

In what looked like a surreal performance, Willem Holleeder’s former defence lawyer, Bram Moszkowicz, appeared in the packed courtroom without his lawyer’s toga, this time as a plaintiff.

NRC Next

Veterans Claim Millions

A group of 28 traumatised veterans who took part in the missions to Lebanon and Bosnia are suing the Ministry of Defence. Their lawyer Freek Schultz said the total amount they want in compensation could run into the millions of euros.


Hiddink: Ten Months Prison

If it were up to the prosecution to decide, Guus Hiddink would be imprisoned for almost a year on charges of tax fraud, the Russian national team coach was told in Den Bosch Tuesday.

Dagblad De Limburger

Veolia Threatened 

If Veolia does not take quick steps to improve the situation with public transport in Limburg, the provincial authorities will impose heavy fines on the company.

Nederlands Dagblad

Best Policy in Years

The paragraph in the new coalition accord on medical ethics received a warm welcome
among pro-life organisations. They called it the best policy concerning the subject in years.

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