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AD/Haagsche Courant, Counterfeit brand items plague customers and retailers

AD/Haagsche Courant

Counterfeit brand items plague customers and retailers

Consumers run more and more of a risk of being sold counterfeit goods. The imitations of branded football strips, toys, handbags and fragrances have seen such an improvement in quality that they cannot be distinguished from authentic branded items.

Autopsy to uncover murder

The remains of people who have died under dubious circumstances will be thoroughly investigated starting next month. For a year specialists will perform autopsies on all deaths between 18 and 55 years of age for whom the cause of death cannot be immediately determined.

de Volkskrant

Turkish migrants conned

The illegal fundraising by the Turkish mosque in the Amsterdam area De Baarsjes has swindled billions of euros out of Turkish migrants throughout Europe.

Klink calls the whistle on organ donation campaign

Public Health Minister Ab Klink has called off an advertising campaign to promote organ donation. Last Thursday the Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NIGZ), which is conducting the campaign for the ministry, was told that two photos it planned to use were "inappropriate."


Pharmacists given discount

Wholesaler Interpharm, which serves a quarter of the market, guarantees pharmacies a "minimum discount of more than 18 percent" if they order products from the company. This emerged from a pharmacist's contract which Trouw has gained access to.

De Telegraaf

"Only one passport for baby"

Christian democrat CDA and Labour PvdA in Parliament want to stop newborns of parents with different passports from automatically being registered with dual nationality.

Paul R. was in therapy after armed robbery

Paul R. (29), the man in court-ordered psychiatric treatment who shot five people in Enschede over the weekend, had been under treatment from the age of 17 for an extremely violent robbery.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Provinces want to levy tax

The provincial governments want to make firm agreements with the cabinet on new possibilities for them to levy tax. Current revenues from motor vehicle tax are in danger of disappearing.

Dapper market is model of integration

The Dapper market in Amsterdam has been named the best market in the Netherlands. Still there are complaints about the market.

Internships for school pupils

School pupils will be required to follow an internship for three months in future, "in order to acquaint themselves with society." Will this new plan from the government work?

Former prime minister is a "gangster"

Former Kosovar prime minister Ramush Haradinaj is a "gangster with power, a dark and deadly combination." Prosecutor for the Yugoslavia Tribunal Carla del Ponte said this on Monday, the first day of the tribunal's trial of Haradinaj, who served as prime minister for 96 days.

Nederlands Dagblad

New homes often not expensive enough

The price of a newly built home should increase by at least seven percent this year, otherwise builders and developers will have to contribute money to cover the cost of the construction of homes. This emerged from the report Thermometer on Owner-occupied property by the association of developers and construction companies NVB.

"Don't equate elections with game shows"

One day we're voting casually for Celebrities on Ice, the next day it's time for the Provincial States. Are we still taking our right to vote seriously? "We are talking about the government of the country here."

De Pers

"Train track network is dangerous"

Engineers, conductors, and train drivers of the Netherlands Railways (NS) have serious complaints about some of the rails, switches and rail beds of the network of train tracks. Bad or poorly maintained signals in particular cause dangerous situations.

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