Morning newspapers – 6 August 2007

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De Telegraaf, Calling the police is an expensive affair

De Telegraaf

Calling the police is an expensive affair

The piling up of costs has always made a phone call to the police in the Netherlands an extremely expensive matter. The mobile phone rates for calling all 0900 numbers can run as high as EUR 1 per minute, despite the costs cited to customers at the beginning of the call.

We're headed for Zandvoort

Sun worshippers who headed en masse to the beaches on Sunday had to contend with busy motorways and crowded beaches.


Outbreak of FMD sparks calls for vaccination

The outbreak of the extremely contagious foot and mouth disease (FMD) in England has sparked calls once again in the Netherlands for vaccinations against the virus.

de Volkskrant

Colourful protest against "gay bashing"

Homosexuals young and old, lesbians and heterosexuals: more than ever the message of Gay Pride was one of tolerance.

Student turned away from neighbourhood because of quotas

Cities are introducing regulations to prevent excessive concentrations of student houses in certain neighbourhoods.


FDM opens old wounds for Dutch farmers

Dutch farmers are worried after the FMD outbreak in England. "I don't have nightmares anymore from six years ago. Not anymore."

D66 is concerned about "wiretap measure" in the US

D66 is concerned about the "wiretap measure" that has been passed in the US. Faction leader Alexander Pechtold does not think the Netherlands should cooperate with this.

Nederlands Dagblad

Minister bans all livestock transport

The outbreak of foot and mouth disease in England prompted Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg to ban all transport of live cattle, pigs, sheep and goats on Saturday until further notice.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Akzo and ICI agree on takeover price

Akzo Nobel has reached preliminary accord with the management of ICI for the price at which the Dutch paint and chemicals company may take over the British company. Insiders say that the price is about 670 pence per share. That comes to a total of about GBP 8 billion (EUR 11.9 billion).

Fortis has plan B

Fortis has alternative plans to finance its part in the takeover of ABN AMRO if shareholders fail to approve the proposed rights issue during the shareholders' meetings in Brussels and Utrecht today.

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