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De Telegraaf, Cap on property tax lifted

De Telegraaf

Cap on property tax lifted

Homeowners could be facing significant hikes in property tax (OZB). "We had been spared, but unbridled increases of 20 to 30 percent will be possible once again, an entirely lamentable plan," the Homeowners Association responded.

Veterans' carnations extremely popular

The carnation campaign organised to mark Dutch Veterans Day, being celebrated for the first time at the end of this month, is already a resounding success. The organisers of the commemoration have received requests for carnation corsages from throughout the country. People can wear these corsages on 29 June, the birthday of the late Prince Bernhard, to show their appreciation for veterans.


Medicine for liver cancer is a breakthrough

Patients with serious, advanced liver cancer can look forward to a new medicine that can prolong their lives by months. Doctors have not had much in the way of promising treatments for this group till now.

Three cups of coffee good for memory

Coffee is effective in preventing dementia. Men who drink three cups a day show better memory retention than their peers who don't drink any coffee.

de Volkskrant

Two-thirds of those on welfare in cities have no prospects

The large cities are struggling with a growing percentage of people who have no prospects of finding a job. Of the almost 150,000 welfare recipients in the largest nine cities, two-thirds have very little chance of work. In Utrecht this figure is 80 percent. This emerged from a study by the Volkskrant.

Buddy for every new officer

Every new officer at the Amsterdam-Amstelland police force will be paired with a more experienced colleague to provide them support. The force hopes this plan can improve the working climate for new officers, particularly those of minority background.


Pharmaceutical industry has grip on doctors

The pharmaceutical industry has influence on the guidelines for doctors. And there is virtually no specialist in the Netherlands who does not have some relationship with the industry. The Healthcare Inspectorate says that the danger of unwanted influence by the industry is greatest with regard to treatment guidelines drawn up by patients' associations.

"Spot dementia in time"

Doctors fail to diagnose dementia or diagnose it too late in half of all cases. The patients' advocacy association has therefore started a publicity campaign.

Financieele Dagblad

State guarantor for business loans for the unemployed

The government is going to stand as guarantor for unemployment recipients who want to start their own business. State secretary for Social Affairs Ahmed Aboutaleb is counting on the willingness of banks to issue credits.

Government salaries don't match business sector

There continues to be an enormous divide between government salaries and those in the business sector. The Hay Group came to this conclusion in a new study on salaries in 2006.

Dagblad De Pers

Watch out for the Red List!

Endangered species are in the spotlight once again. 172 countries are meeting in The Hague these days to discuss species that are in danger of dying out. The World Conservation Union estimates that about 40 percent of all species of living organism on earth are in danger of becoming extinct.

Nederlands Dagblad

Higher salary in exchange for flexibility

Employers seem to be exceeding union salary demands in the ongoing collective labour negotiations. An extra salary increase of a half percentage point or 1 percent does come with a price however.

Mandatory alcohol course if motorists have drunk a beer

Motorists who have recently got their license and are caught having drunk one beer or glass of wine before driving should be required to follow a three-day course on drink-driving. The Christian democrat CDA presented this plan in Parliament on Tuesday.

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