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Algemeen Dagblad, More reports of undesirable behaviour in the army

Algemeen Dagblad

More reports of undesirable behaviour in the army

The number of reports of undesirable behaviour has been increasing considerably. Before the incident on the frigate Tjerk Hiddes came into the open, two to three incidents a month were reported; now eight to twelve reports are submitted every month.

Speaking cameras in British cities

Citizens in England are no longer admonished by the police, but by speaking cameras instead. Following a successful trial in the northern town of Middlesborough, British Home Secretary John Reid has set aside EUR 740,000 for the installation of speaking cameras in twenty other British cities. 

Het Financieele Dagblad

Ahold looking to take over retailer Hema

Super market concern Ahold is willing to make a bid for Hema. Retailer Hema, with 336 outlets and a turnover of EUR 1.3 billion has recently been put up for sale by parent company Maxeda. The information memorandum was sent to potential buyers last week. The first bids are expected to be made at the end of this month. 

Wage costs continue to decline

This year and next year the labour costs per production unit in the manufacturing industry could decline further, albeit at a slower pace.  This emerged from a report published by the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) on Wednesday.

Nederlands Dagblad

Labour party PvdA forces ChristenUnie wedding ceremony official to resign

Pressed by a coalition partner PvdA alderman, Jan Rozema (ChristenUnie) has been forced to resign as wedding ceremony official in the municipality of Smallingerland. Party chairman Peter Blokhuis of the ChristenUnie feels that the The Hague should take action.

“Home birth no longer possible”

Next year giving birth at home will become almost impossible in sparsely populated regions, Jan Nijhuis, the chairman of the association of gynaecologists (NVOG) has predicted. Giving birth at home will only be possible when the pregnant woman can see a gynaecologist in a nearby hospital in case of emergency. From 2008 on, many hospitals will no longer provide around-the-clock care for childbirths, according to Nijhuis, due to lack of funds. 

De Telegraaf

Amsterdam Turk Ali O detained for killing Houtman

The Amsterdam criminal investigation team has possibly come up with a positive result once more during their investigation into a series of assassinations within the Amsterdam gang world. The team arrested an Amsterdam resident of Turkish descent on Tuesday. He is expected to have played a prominent role in the assassination of Kees Houtman.

Police offer criminals discount for paying by debit card

The police are giving criminals a cash discount. The public prosecution department in Zwolle is offering thieves, hooligans and cannabis growers a twenty-per cent discount if they pay their fines by debit card. In this way the police hope to save money by reducing the administrative costs and expect to save time and money when tracking down defaulters.


EUR 8 for every actively demonstrating youth 

In Maidan square in Kiev, Ukraine followers of the pro-Russian Prime Minister Janukovitsj are demonstrating against the pro-Western President Victor Yuchenko. But this is not a repeat of the Orange Revolution of 2004. This time the young protestors support the villain of olden days, Vikjtor Janukovitsj - and they are apparently asking money for it as well. 

New Bosatlas edition will include map showing terrorist threats

For the first time, the Bosatlas, the most used atlas in the Netherlands, will include a map with possible terrorist threats in countries across the world. The map can be seen in the latest edition of the Bosatlas that is to be presented today, Thursday. The map shows that the risk of terrorist attacks is most imminent in countries in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

De Pers

Passport photo problems drive photographers crazy

On average, 10 percent of all the passport photos do not meet the matrix standard, according to a number of municipalities. Outrage still prevails seven months after the introduction of the new criteria for passport photos in Dutch travel documents. It is driving some photographers crazy. “The problem is that not every head fits the matrix.”

Zoos focus on ‘Cleese’ monkey

The European zoos will devote more attention to the threatened nature at Madagascar. Overpopulation and deforestation are posing a threat to the unique fauna and flora on the island just east of Africa. Madagascar is particularly known for its Baobab trees and its many unique half-ape species, including the John Cleese species, named after the British comic.


Survey into support for embryo growth 

The Rathenau institute wants to conduct an investigation to find out whether the Dutch population would find it acceptable for scientists to grow embryos specifically for research. The reason for the survey is the government’s intention to continue the ban on this growth as laid down in the Embryo Act.

Iran releases fifteen Brits

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad showed forgiveness by releasing fifteen British citizens. An obvious move, according to Trouw, as he has made his point.

de Volkskrant

Louis Sevèke victim of revenge-killing by squatting movement

The  killing of Louis Sevèke by Marcel T. was aimed at the investigation agency of the leftist activist. T. is said to have imagined that he was seen as an infiltrator by Seveke’s agency, Information and Security services (OBIV), and that this was the reason for him being thrown out of the squatting movement, according to sources close to the investigation

Man tipping off about stolen Van Gogh ends up in dock

He counted on a reward for bringing back the stolen painting of Vincent van Gogh, but this turned out to be a miscalculation. Today the importer of teak wood M/M. (34) will stand as defendant in the dock at the court in Den Bosch. Along with ITC worker AA (26), he has been charged with receiving stolen goods. Van Gogh’s Pollard Willow was stolen from F van Lanschot Bankers in Den Bosch eight years ago. Last year the painting suddenly emerged again; the police were able to confiscate the painting at M’s home.  M was arrested outside his home a little later on, lugging a bag containing EUR 80,000.

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