Morning newspapers – 30 July 2007

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De Telegraaf, Police arrest Serbian criminal

De Telegraaf

Police arrest Serbian criminal

Police have reportedly arrested Serbian criminal Jovica Trajkovic, the 57-year-old man who shot and seriously injured a police detective in Apeldoorn last week.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Akzo Nobel increases its bid on ICI

Paint and chemicals company Akzo Nobel has increased its indicative bid on British company ICI. Akzo hopes this move will open talks with ICI's management and gain it access to the company's books.

DSM aloof towards consolidation

Chemical and biotech company DSM is having difficulty finding suitable, large takeover candidates for sale at an acceptable price. The Limburg-based business has let a number of takeovers pass it by because other buyers were willing to pay prices DSM regarded as exorbitant.


Handshake mandatory for teachers in training

The Rotterdam Hogeschool no longer wants to graduate any student teachers who refuse to shake hands with people because of their religion.

Motorway convenience shops thriving

Convenience shops at petrol stations on busy motorways are becoming more and more popular as pit stops to pick up something to eat, according to a survey of 15,000 consumers.

de Volkskrant

"Life course saving scheme is a failure"

The architect of the life course saving scheme, economist Lans Bovenberg, says that the scheme is a failure because it is too complicated and too focused on the long term.


Alternative living arrangements popular

Alternative living arrangements that make it possible for family members to take care of each other are becoming more popular. Households are changing shape to accommodate adult children caring for elderly parents, grandparents caring for grandchildren, and elderly individuals looking after each other.

Nederlands Dagblad

Elderly abused deliberately

75 percent of the over-65s that fell victim to abuse last year were deliberately mistreated. The abusers were motivated by greed, hunger for power, or revenge.

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