Morning newspapers – 3 August 2007

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De Pers, Where's the money going?

De Pers

Where's the money going?

Officials and politicians have no idea how much they spend on events and conferences, despite the fact that a committee instructed six years ago that the government should put an end to this confusion as soon as possible.

Spyker made secret agreements with sponsor

Spyker's Formula 1 team made secret agreements with sponsor Mingya. According to the racing team the Chinese company stood guarantor for part of their sponsor budget, but a side letter reportedly relieves Mingya of any payment obligations.

Nederlands Dagblad

Criticism of recorded interrogations

Police officers recoil from the idea of having their interrogations taped or filmed. They feel their integrity and professionalism is being questioned, says Gerrit van de Kamp, chairman of police union ACP. "That isn't a good feeling. It's not for nothing that they've taken a professional oath."

Taliban agrees to direct negotiations

Direct negotiations are taking place between South Korea and the Taliban with regard to the 21 South Koreans held hostage. A spokesperson for the Afghan government announced on Thursday that talks had started between the South Korean delegation and the hostage takers.

De Volkskrant

New law restricts call in game shows

Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin (Christian democrat CDA) plans to impose restrictions on misleading call in game shows.

"Reputation of Council of State at stake"

The Council of State is putting its reputation on the line when it announces a verdict on whether a referendum on the new European treaty is a good idea, according to three experts on constitutional law and the European Union.


Serbian could not be deported

Jovica Trajkovic stayed on in the Netherlands for years even after having been declared an undesirable alien. He served a number of prison sentences but justice was unable to deport him. The countries that were once part of Yugoslavia have refused to take him back.

Collapsed bridge in bad condition for years

The motorway bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis was in need of replacement for years. In 2005 already the 40-year-old bridge was described by the US department of transport as "structurally inadequate."


Parliament fails to follow tendering rules as well

Ministers Koenders and Rouvoet are not the only ones in the wrong: parliament and seven ministries have all disregarded tendering regulations when awarding orders.

Save energy at home, but how?

The government and business sector have grand plans to reduce energy consumption. There is dispute however on whether they will lead to results in the short term.

De Telegraaf

Flights to sunny destinations sold out

Travel agents are doing a roaring trade because of the bad weather. The large tour operators have had to buy in extra seats on flights and hotel rooms to meet demand.

Parliament outraged at building permit costs

Parliament is disgusted at the enormous differences in costs for building permits from one municipality to another.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Unilever sells laundry product division in US

Unilever is scrapping 20,000 jobs and selling off business divisions that are not growing fast enough in order to speed up the recovery of turnover growth and profitability. The company is selling its laundry products division in North America.

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