Morning newspapers – 29 March 2007

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All newspapers covered the news on the Sévèke case.

All newspapers covered the news on the Sévèke case.

AD/Haagsche Courant

School students complain about education

School students are complaining en masse about the poor education they are receiving. Special interest organisations have been flooded with thousands of complaints about too few classroom hours, lack of guidance and poor quality of teachers and classes.

Streaker disrupts town hall opening on Second Life

A "virtual streaker" caused a commotion at the official opening of the Zoetermeer town hall in the internet game Second Life.

de Volkskrant

RTL shows "fictional" prospective dates

The dating programmes shown at night on the RTL channels use fictional people as "prospective dates" to get people to participate. The programmes do not make it clear that these are not real people.

De Telegraaf

Only 40 F-16s deployable

Of the 105 combat aircraft that the Netherlands owns, only 40 can be deployed. This is the result of a scarcity of maintenance personnel and a chronic shortage of spare parts.

Oranje beats Slovenia

Defender and midfielder Giovanni Bronckhorst managed to secure the national team a 0-1 victory over Slovenia last night after a disappointing 0-0 draw with Romania last week.

Het Financieele Dagblad

FD postpones launch of new site

The Financieele Dagblad has decided to postpone the launch of its updated site. There were technical problems when the site went live on Tuesday evening.

PGGM and ABP may not enter the market

Pension giants ABP and PGGM may not offer insurance products like the life-course savings scheme for workers. The clear distinction between their activities and those of insurance companies must remain, even if ABP and PGGM decide to split.


No coffeeshops near schools, no smoking in bars, cafes and restaurants, a ban on magic mushrooms: the new government is becoming less permissive. There are good reasons for these new restrictions.

Nederlands Dagblad

New procedure for speedy divorce

The quick divorce procedure should be scrapped, but getting a divorce should be easier for couples without underage children. Ministers Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice) and André Rouvoet (Youth and Family Affairs) have agreed on this.

Erasmus MC accepts "Samaritan" donors

The Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam performs several transplants each year with kidneys from "Samaritan donors" – people willing to give up one of their kidneys for a stranger that needs one.

De Pers

EUR 91,900,000,000 in reserves

The collective sector has enormous financial reserves. Reserves are immediately created when government services are made (semi)autonomous. But is it wise to have so much "dead money."

No worries about call-in game profits

The Hilversum-based company 2waytraffic has seen a significant drop in income since the negative publicity on call-in game shows. Nevertheless the company saw explosive growth figures over the past year as a whole.

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