Morning newspapers – 29 June 2007

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AD, KPN facing costly bill


KPN facing costly bill

KPN will have to dig deep in its pockets to make its internet telephone system - InternetPlusBellen (IPB) – operational again. The company has been spending EUR 25 to 30 million each quarter since 1 January this year to restore IPB.

"High speed trains need not be on time"

One in seven high speed trains does not have to be on time. Transport Minister Eurlings does not think extra measures to prevent delays are necessary because these would affect normal traffic.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Two payment systems from next year

Dutch businesses and citizens will have two different payment systems starting in January. In addition to the current system, there will also be a system of new European payment options.

FD correspondent to head investors' association

Jan Maarten Slagter (37), correspondent in London for the Financieele Dagblad and BNR News radio, will succeed Peter Paul de Vries in October as director of the Dutch Association of Shareholders (VEB).

Nederlands Dagblad

Flying in Indonesia is asking for trouble

If it were up to Brussels, tourists would not be flying with Indonesian airlines from next week. Dutch tour operators are scrambling to find other transportation alternatives.

"Grunting" ruins voice

The "grunting" singing technique popular among death metal singers is disastrous for one's voice. Various grunters are already being treated for oedema and polyps on the vocal chords at the Radboud hospital in Nijmegen. Those who continue to use the technique improperly can lose their voice entirely.

De Telegraaf

Holiday begins in traffic

The hundreds of thousands of Dutch leaving on holiday by car today and tomorrow can expect major delays in the south, says the department of public works.

Another error by the tax authority

The tax authority has made yet another blunder: hundreds of blue envelopes and acceptgiros were delivered to tax advisers' offices instead of their clients. The mail boxes were overflowing, says the Board of Tax Advisers. So many errors, this is really getting to be a problem.


"Hand over those who are ineligible to the justice department"

Groningen mayor Jacques Wallage is calling on his colleagues to hand over to state secretary Albayrak the names of aliens that they presume are ineligible for amnesty. Albayrak wants information about this group of illegal aliens so that she can deport them.

de Volkskrant

Amsterdam council members also serving own interests

Seven members of the Amsterdam Zuidoost city council are guilty of making decisions on matters where they held a personal interest. Four saw personal gain. The Audit Chamber for the Amsterdam city districts came to this conclusion in a report on subsidies to the Zuidoost district.

New discovery regarding TB bacteria

The bacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy behave differently in human cells than has been assumed until now. Peter Peters, affiliated with the Dutch Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital (NKI-AVL), discovered this by accident recently.

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