Morning newspapers – 28 March 2007

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AD/Haagsche Courant, Cardiologists irate at pharmaceutical company

AD/Haagsche Courant

Cardiologists irate at pharmaceutical company

Dutch cardiologists are astonished that a pharmaceutical company has suddenly decided to stop production of a live-saving medication for acute, dangerous cardiac arrhythmia.

Enormous financial damage from ship accident

An accident with a container ship on the Rhine is costing shipping traffic and the Rotterdam port a great deal of money. The resulting obstruction is leading to serious financial damage.

de Volkskrant

"Positive breakthrough" in Sévèke murder case

There has been "a positive breakthrough" in the investigation surrounding the murder of left-wing activist Louis Sévèke. Rumour has it that the arrest of a suspect will be announced this week.

Serious warnings to almost half of private schools

Eighteen of the 49 private schools in the Netherlands will soon be closed down if they do not make dramatic changes to their teaching method.


North Sea herring shortages despite sustainable fishing

For unknown reasons something is going wrong in the lifecycle of herring. There is no shortage of fish spawn but adult fish are nowhere to be found.

De Telegraaf

Doctor Edwin released

Physician Edwin ten W. (51) has served 27 months as the suspected murderer of his 31-year-old Filipina wife 'Bebe' Paòa (31), but has now been released. The court in Den Bosch released him on Tuesday even though it will not pronounce its official verdict in the appeal case until 6 April. The prosecutor demanded in the appeal that Ten W. be sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Company car for side-job

Commissioners of the Queen and the mayors of the large cities hardly have to pay anything for using the car provided them by the government for other jobs unrelated to their official function. They can deduct from tax the fiscal addition for jobs that have nothing to do with their position.

Het Financieele Dagblad

ABN Amro rejects demand that the bank split

ABN Amro has rejected the demand from hedge funds TCI that the bank be split up. CEO Rijkman Groenink will announce extra measures in the event that the talks with Barclays do not result in a merger. ABN Amro will respond today for the first time to TCI's demands, say reliable sources.

Financial motive behind De Mol's stake in Telegraaf

Media entrepreneur John de Mol has purely financial motives in building up a significant stake in the Telegraaf Media Group. His actions are not driven by strategic considerations, says a spokesperson for De Mol's investment vehicle, Cyrte.

10 ways to save on your car

The newest gadgets will all be on display at the AutoRai starting Thursday. But cars are expensive things. Ten tips for saving on buying and driving a car. Or take the bike.

Muslim youth less concerned with parents' approval

Islamic youth are more intent on choosing their own path and are less concerned about whether their parents approve. This emerged from a study by the multicultural institute Forum.

Nederlands Dagblad

"Those steps end suddenly, as did their lives"

At precisely 5.06 p.m. on 25 March 1977 a KLM Boeing 747 collided with a PanAm jet on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Relatives of the 583 people killed attended a memorial service on Tuesday.

Young Muslims more religious

Many young Muslims value their faith as important to their identity. They tend to place more importance on it now than they used to. This is a result of their social environment (parents, relatives, friends), but it also seems as if the constant discussion in society about Islam encourages young Muslims to become more committed to their faith.

De Pers

Complaint filed against Schiphol lawyer

Project developer Chipshol has filed a complaint with the Bar Association against Schiphol lawyer Niels Koeman.

Chipshol head Jan Poot says Koeman is the evil genius behind an unlawful construction to stop the development of Chipshol building plans involving hundreds of millions of euros.

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