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De Telegraaf, Zalm harvests nothing but praise

De Telegraaf

Zalm harvests nothing but praise

Gerrit Zalm has announced he will retire from politics. The nation's longest-serving minister of finance will look for a job in the business sector now that his party, the Liberal VVD, will enter the opposition ranks after last week's election loss.

De Volkskrant

Studying partly free on the internet

The Open Universiteit Nederland is to supply part of its course content for free on the internet. From 5 December, the university will start three short courses, to be increased to 16 in six months. The courses are university-level and can make-up part of a university degree.

Volkskrant columnist Cri Stellweg dies

Writer and former columnist Cri Stellweg has died at the age of 84 in her home city of Den Bosch. She wrote for 25 years a twice-weekly column for newspaper De Volkskrant under the pseudonym Saartje Burgerhart. Her family reported her passing on Sunday.


Little help to detainees in foreign cells

A growing number of Dutch detainees in foreign cells cannot return to the Netherlands. The Justice Ministry is not co-operating on their return based on formal judicial objections. The situation affects hundreds of Dutch detainees abroad detained in poor circumstances in countries that have not entered into any formal international agreements.


Pill cures hayfever

People who suffer hayfever can now use the first ever vaccination in a pill that cures allergies to grass pollens. The pill will replace the injection needle. The new pill has been approved by the Council for the Assessment of Medicines.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Zalm's farewell the most difficult moment

Gerrit Zalm, 54, will depart politics after the formation of a new Cabinet. It is the end of an era and an outstanding job as a government minister.

Corporations plead for new housing policy

An entire new housing market must be put on the agenda in the upcoming Cabinet period, with every facet up for discussion, the chairman of housing corporation association Aedes, Willem van Leeuwen, said. He said the basic principles should be affordable housing and real, equal options between renters and buyers. Aedes manages 2.4 million rental homes.

Nederlands Dagblad

CDA's Hoekstra to 'explore coalition talks'

Christian Democrat CDA member Rein Jan Hoekstra, who is also a member of the Council of State, was approached by Queen Beatrix on Saturday night to perform the role of informateur. In what is being described as an "exploratory phase" of coalition talks, Hoekstra will investigate the possibilities of forming a Cabinet that can work together with the Lower House of Parliament.


Hero or Hooligan?

Marines can survive in the jungle. But in a nightclub or a shop, some of them have it more difficult. The Dutch navy is now trying to clean house.

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