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Various newspapers reported on the closure of television station Tien.

Various newspapers reported on the closure of television station Tien.


Soldiers assaulted homosexuals

Five soldiers have confessed to assaulting six men at the Ginkelse Zand parking lot on the A12 between Ede and Arnhem. The spot is a well-known meeting place for homosexuals. The five have been arrested and suspended.

Hospital sued after death from tooth infection

The St. Clara Hospital in Rotterdam has been found liable for the death of 30-year-old New Zealand rugby player John Salkeld. The man died at the end of 1999 from the effects of a tooth infection.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Stork risks new conflict with investors

A large number of large shareholders in Stork, including Marel and Delta Lloyd, will not report their shares if the proposed bid from British venture capitalist Candover becomes official. New bids are being prepared.

Barclays closer to takeover of ABN Amro

The chance of Barclays taking over ABN Amro seems to have become greater. Lawyer for the Dutch state Vino Timmerman advised the Supreme Court to find in ABN Amro's favour on Tuesday regarding the LaSalle case.

Nederlands Dagblad

Van Buitenen considers joining ChristenUnie

Member of the European Parliament Paul van Buitenen of the Europa Transparant party is in talks with the ChristenUnie about possibly joining the party. Van Buitenen would like to be a candidate from a Christian party in the 2009 European elections.

De Telegraaf

Teenagers terrorise children in Utrecht

In the troubled Utrecht neighbourhood of Overvecht a tragedy has been taking place among children of predominantly Moroccan background as the municipality and police look on. Dozens of boys and girls have been systematically abused, intimidated and molested by a group of older boys for almost a year.

Justice to confiscate paedophile's boat

Willem van B. (68) will not longer be allowed to sail on the Kager lakes. The justice department is demanding the seizure of his flat bottomed boat, the "Vrede", on which the man sexually abused boys. The authorities want to confiscate the boat because "it was a crucial component in his elaborate plans to abuse children."


Adoption becoming more difficult

The waiting time to adopt a healthy young child can be as long as eight to ten years. Prospective parents who want to adopt a child have always had to be patient, but never have waiting times been so long.

Tax authority blocks first Muslim-friendly mortgage

The tax authority has rejected the first halaal mortgage, which would allow pious Muslims to finance their homes interest free. Bilaa Riba Islamic Finance in Leiden was the first credit lender in the Netherlands to submit a proposal for a halaal mortgage to the tax authority for review. The tax authority rejected the construction earlier this year.

de Volkskrant

Scheringa says Zalm will attract customers to DSB Bank

Dirk Scheringa says appointing Gerrit Zalm as chief economist at DSB will convince many customers to change over from traditional large banks to Scheringa's no frills bank.

"It all comes down to one question"

A new European treaty has been reached. The Labour PvdA is now considering a referendum. Will the people be asked to vote on Europe once again? If the PvdA comes with a definitive yes, there will be a parliamentary majority in favour of a referendum. Opposition parties Socialist SP, Freedom party PVV, green-left GroenLinks and Democrat D66 have all already voiced support.

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