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Various newspapers reported on the death of 'Major' Bosshardt

Various newspapers reported on the death of 'Major' Bosshardt


Already 17 injured in Uruzgan

More soldiers have already been injured in Uruzgan than in previous missions in northern Afghanistan and Iraq combined. 17 have been wounded since the start of the mission more than a year ago, 12 of them seriously.

Tempting customers an expensive "sport" for shops

Shops and manufacturers spend almost EUR 2 billion each year on advertisements in shops. TV screens, displays and (cooking) demonstrations are all aimed at tempting customers to purchase.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Taskforce to get women working more

A taskforce will be appointed to help increase labour participation by women in the Netherlands. The cabinet, trade unions and employers have agreed on this in the run up to the employment summit on Wednesday.

Conflict on CO2 policy heats up

The European Union is heading for a clash with the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea and China on including the aviation sector in the European emission trading system (ETS). The six are threatening to take legal action if the Union unilaterally subjects their airlines to participation in the ETS.

Nederlands Dagblad

Excellence lacking among ranks of students

Mediocrity predominates at universities in the Netherlands. There are few students who really stand out here, compared to other industrial countries, and this lack of "excellence" will put the nation's economic growth in danger, the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) concluded in a report published on Monday.

Drug use hits plateau

For the first time, drug use has not increased on a worldwide basis. This is contained in the World Drugs Report 2007 which the UN will present today.

De Telegraaf

PvdA wants a referendum on new EU treaty

The Labour PvdA supports a referendum on the new European treaty. The coalition party's stance brings a parliamentary majority in favour of a referendum that much closer. Socialist SP, Freedom party PVV, green-left GroenLinks and Democrat D66 have all voiced support for a referendum.

Domestic tragedy at Alkmaar station

24-year-old Kurdish woman Zeynep Boral, who was shot dead at the central station in Alkmaar on Monday morning, was the victim of a crime of passion, according to her friends. The gunman (28), also a Kurd, was her ex-husband. The man committed suicide after killing her.


Misbehaving makes VMBO students popular

One in ten students in vocational secondary education (VMBO) is guilty of serious misbehaviour either in or outside of school at least once a year. This has emerged from the study "Problem behaviour among secondary school students," presented by the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) this week.

Willem Schoonen editor-in-chief of Trouw

Trouw has a new editor-in-chief. Willem Schoonen, currently economics editor, was named yesterday as the successor to Frits van Exter, who resigned in April after leading the newspaper since 1998.

de Volkskrant

Minister Cramer wants buildings insulated

Half of all homes and business premises should undergo an energy efficient renovation in the coming 13 years. As a result these buildings will use 30 percent less gas and light by 2020. These are the objectives of a large-scale energy saving operation plan drawn up by the government, energy companies, housing corporations and installation professionals. The plan, titled "Doing more with less," was presented to Labour PvdA Minister Cramer for the Environment on Monday.

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